I have been working as a photographer for 26 years, and after graduating with a degree from Nottingham Trent University, moved to London and started to work for various magazines and periodicals. The publishing groups included Emap, Informa, Financial Times Magazines, Inisive and others.

After a successful start with publications, I began to accept commissions directly from large companies, organizations and other, more diverse sources. These included Rolls Royce, the DTI, J.P.Morgan, Co-Operative Bank, Corporation of London, and London Zoo amongst others.

I also work with the arts in areas such as theatre and stage. Apart from photographing live theatre, one of my other passions is photographing bands. My greatest passion is people, and most of my work is portraiture in one form or another.

I am comfortable with studio or location, and successfully had my own studio for a number of years. I am also happy to work with film as well as digital. The equipment I currently working with is high end digital, with both 35mm and medium format systems. Please call or email and I'll happily supply you with more details if needed.